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You can have an account that allows you to log on to the system without entering a password.

Default logon is a function to operate the system using a special account that can skip logon screen authentication.We assume the following uses.

Publish specific data to the public
When exposing certain data, prepare a viewing-only account.This account will be able to search and browse data without logon authentication.
Prepare an application reception system
Prepare an account dedicated to registration that can accept applications for seminars.This account will be able to register (apply) data without logon authentication.
This function does not skip the authentication, but if you skip the logon authentication screen and access the system, it will make logon processing with preset account and password.

Set Environment> Application> Default Logon.

Figure 1 Setting default logon
  • Enable "Use default logon function".
  • Set the logon account and password for "user name to use" and "password to use" respectively.
It is a good idea to name it such that it is easier to understand that 'user name to use' is for default logon.In the above example it is "internet1".This is the intention to account as an anonymous system from the Internet.

Register default logon account

Log on to the Web application after build with administrator's privileges and create the account prepared above.

Figure 2 Registering default logon account
To prevent the default logon account from changing the password, we recommend that you remove the "change password" setting on the principal.

Display menu screen

Confirm that logon processing is skipped.Log off once or launch another web browser and enter the following in the address bar.


The menu will be displayed immediately.

Figure 3 Skipping the logon screen and opening the menu screen

Actually, it is automatically logged on with the account you created.The log file (logs/system.log) is recorded as follows.

2016-xx-xx 00:00:00 [INFO jp.jasminesoft.jfc.LogonStatusManager addUserName] (admin@localhost) JFC-90000:アカウント internet1 がセッションに追加されました。現在の同時接続数は 1 で、合計セッション数は 1 です。
2016-xx-xx 00:00:00 [INFO jp.jasminesoft.jfc.service.LogonService logon] (admin@localhost) JFC-00001:internet1 がログオンしました。利用しているロケール情報は ja です。

Display task screen

Here is an example of opening the registration screen of the model customer.Enter the following in the address bar.


The customer registration screen will be displayed immediately.

Figure 4 Skipping the logon screen and opening the customer registration screen

To change the default logon user name and password after operation, do as follows.

  1. Change it in the account management screen.
  2. We also correct the default logon setting of WagbyDesinger and rebuild it.

Edit web.xml directly

You can also change it by changing the setting file "web.xml" and restarting Tomcat.In this case, rebuild is unnecessary.

Change the value of "ignore_logoncheckPassword" "ignore_logoncheckUsername" in wagbyapp \ webapps \ $ (APPNAME) \ WEB-INF \ web.xml respectively.


When using the system with the default logon account, you can hide the parts prepared in the setting field of Figure 1.

  • Designation of display character size
  • Menu icon
  • Help icon
  • Logoff icon
  • Submenu
  • Breadcrumb
  • Logon user display