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An account (juser) can belong to more than one group (jgroup). The group works with authority management.

The "group" is created by the administrator.Select "Management process> Search group" from the menu.

Figure 1 Operation of submenu

Click the "Update List" screen.

Figure 2 List update screen

You can create multiple groups. The "expiration date" item can be used to invalidate the choice. For details, please refer to "Reference other models> Option model> Invalid option".

Figure 3 Creating a group

This is an example of registering data.You can also download it as a file from this search screen.

Figure 4 Search/List/Download screen

Register account

When creating an account, you can select the group you created.It can belong to more than one group.

Figure 5 Specifying groups

You can set the authority for each group you belong to and control the reference/update of the registered data.

For details, please read "Authentication/Authorization> Group Privileges".

It does not correspond to the group hierarchy.Register and operate multiple groups with hierarchical structure expanded.(Example: "Register as" sales part "," sales two copies ")