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You can download juser information in CSV or Excel format. You can also upload updates.

As for the juser model, "download" function is enabled by default.

Figure 1 Download function provided by the standard

The output file specifications are as follows.

item name Contents
ID The user ID is output.
Group membership The group name registered is output, and "1" is output to the group to which the account belongs, and "0" is output if it does not belong.
Account lock information If the account is locked, it will contain a string.Wagby automatically sets the date and time of locking if it is locked by mistake in password when logging on.
Display priority The display priority of the account (juser) model that Wagby internally prepares.
Password update date The date the password was updated is output.
Principal (jprincipalId) The principal name prepared by the defined application is output."1" is output for the principal that the account has, and "0" is output if it does not.

Password handling

Password information is not included.

The juser model upload update function is disabled by default. Upload update can be done by enabling this function.

When upload update function is enabled, please add icon (update upload) to menu.

Figure 2 Enable upload update function

By adding the "new password" column to the download specification, it becomes possible to perform batch update of the password (using CSV/Excel file).

Figure 3 Enabling downloading of new password string

The operation in this case is as follows.

Do not add "New password" column to download (standard) Add "New Password" column to download
download Upload update download Upload update
The "New password" column is not included. Even if you manually add the "New Password" column to the file to be uploaded, it will be ignored.
You can add a new account but you can not log on with that account unless the administrator manually sets the password for that account.By setting the initial value (at registration) of the password, it is possible to perform temporary registration of the initial password.
The "new password" column exists in the download file, but the content is output in blank.(You can not know the contents of the password.) If you specify a value in the "New password" column of the upload file (by that value) it will be updated.If you leave it blank, it keeps the existing value.(Input check processing is also not performed.)
There is no need to add "New password (for confirmation)" to the download.

Handling of hashed passwords

Setting password hashingEven if you are doing the upload passwordString not hashedPlease set.

Other items related to passwords

For the following items, you can also set values ​​in upload update.

  • Password update flag (passwd_change_flag)
  • Number of password input errors (passwd_err_count)
  • Forced change password flag (compulsoryChange)

I'd like to add a setting "Change my password on next update"

The "Compulsory Changes" item in the account model is not a CSV output item.Since this item can not be changed in Designer, it becomes the CSV output item by the following procedure.

  1. Open repository/trunk/common-juser/juser/compulsoryChange/compulsoryChange.txt with a text editor.("Notepad" included with Windows OS iscan not use. Please use a text editor such as TeraPad.)
  2. Change the next line in the same file.
    Change before:
    After change:
  3. Save the edited file.

After making changes, create a test account and enable password forced change.Download this and visually compare valid data with invalid data in this column.Please imitate the description of valid data and update the upload.

In the download function setting "Output check boxes in one column separated by delimitersThe download format will be different by enabling.Please also try this, please use a method that is easy to use.
Upload update must be uploaded according to the download format.Please note that the upload data format differs according to whether the above setting is valid or invalid.