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I will explain how to change the order of search conditions.

The order of the items on the model definition is shown in Fig.

Figure 1 Model definition

Select "Search" in the "Layout" tab.Specify an integer value in "Display order".It will be arranged in ascending numerical order.

Figure 2 Setting display order

An example is shown in Figure 3.You can see that the search screen is in accordance with the display order shown in Figure 2.

Figure 3 Search screen with changed display order
  • The screen will be displayed in ascending order of the specified number.
  • If unspecified mixes, the number takes precedence.Unspecified is displayed after that.The unspecified order is the appearance order of definitions.
  • You can also specify a skip number for numbers.You can also specify zero or minus.
  • The range of numbers conforms to integer type.Decimal point can not be specified.
  • It is not possible to specify the same number.(In this case, only the last search item with the same number is displayed.)

The repository key is model/modelitem/@hasConditionModel.