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Repeat Container display area is fixed and vertical/horizontal scroll bars are displayed. R7.5.1

An example

An example in which the horizontal scroll bar is automatically displayed when the screen size (width) is small.

Figure 1 Example where horizontal scroll bar is displayed

Definition method

Figure 2 shows a model prepared as an example.

Figure 2 Sample customer model including repeating containers

Opens the model item detail definition dialog for the repeating container field.

Activate "Input control> Repeat> Show side scroll bar in container".

Figure 3 Setting to display horizontal scroll bar in container

You can specify the height of the container.When this height is exceeded, the vertical scroll bar will be displayed automatically.

Activate "Input control> Repeat> Show side scroll bar in container". Set the value in "Input control> Repetition> Container height" in pixel units.(Example 300px) Please set the unit to "px".

Fig. 4 Setting height of container

The repository key of the side scroll bar is presentation/displaymodel/@overflowForContainer.

The repository key of the vertical scroll bar is presentation/displaymodel/@heightForContainer.