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Multiple iteration containers can be combined into one tab.

When tab is not used

As shown in Figure 1, multiple repeating containers are displayed side by side (in the downward direction of the screen).

Fig. 1 Preparing multiple repeating containers

Examples using tabs

As shown in Figure 2, multiple iteration containers are managed by tabs.The repeating container name becomes the tab name.

Figure 2 Managing multiple repeating containers with tabs

Figure 3 shows the model definition used for the example in Figure 2.

Figure 3 Model definition

Specify a common layout * T.First give "*".The second and subsequent characters are optional.(Here we say "T".)

Figure 4 Specifying the layout

Specify the layout * T as "Tab".

Figure 5 Specifying Tabs
  • When managing multiple recurring containers with tabs, the tab on the leftmost side is selected at initial display.