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The standard layout of repeating containers is side by side, but it can also be arranged in vertical layout.

An example

Figure 1 shows an example of aligning items in a repeating container vertically.

Figure 1 Sequential layout of repeating containers

Definition method

The definition of the repeating container is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Model item

When arranging the layout of repeating containers vertically, give "container name" at the beginning of each item name in the container. That is, we treat the container name like a layout name.

It is not specified in the item "Repeat container" and "Repeat container ID".


The table below shows the difference from the side-by-side layout (standard method).

Side-by-side repetitive containers (standard) Repeat container in vertical row
Container name Breakdown Breakdown
Container ID No No
Items in the container Product Breakdown>Product

In the "Group/Tab" layout in the Layout tab, the direction of the layout name "Breakdown" is set to "Portrait".(Figure 4)

Figure 4 Setting the alignment direction
>Please do not include ".
"Container name" can not be defined as "layout name" for items other than container name repeating container in "repeating container ID".

An example

Figure 5 shows an example of "Price", "Number" and "Subtotal" items arranged side by side.

Figure 5 Combination of portrait layout and side by side layout

Definition method

The layout name of "price" "number" "subtotal" is "container name> * hidden layout name".

The layout name following the asterisk "*" should be a combination of alphanumeric characters.The layout name is optional.

Figure 6 Hidden layout setting

Specify "display ratio of horizontal liner elements" for hidden layout.

Fig. 7 Setting display ratio of horizontal liner elements

In this layout, "Add", "Insert" and "Delete" buttons are prepared in the item "Repeat Container ID".Therefore, if no data is included, the button is not displayed on the update screen.