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You can adjust the column width of repeating containers.

Figure 1 shows an example in which the column width of the repeating container is specified as 15%, 25%, 20%, 20%, 20%.

Figure 1 Example of setting column width

For each item of the repeating container, open the model item detail definition dialog.
On the output control tab detail screen, specify "style> label width".Giving "%" gives a ratio.Excluding "%" will be a fixed value (pixel).

This setting is reflected not only on the detailed display screen but also on all new, copy, and update screens.

Figure 2 Example of specifying 15%
Figure 3 Example of specifying 25%
Adjust so that the total of each column including "Repeat container ID" column is 100%.

Repository key

The repository key is presentation/displayitem/@labelwidth.

If the horizontal scroll bar appears on the screen even if you adjust the total of each column to be 100%, please check the following points.

Input field length

Input field lengthDepending on the setting, the column width may be widened.In addition to general input items, the definition method differs in the list box, search screen, date (using calendar), text area, and so on.

Check box, radio button item choices

"Radio Button> Set Wrap Number"Check box> Set wrapping numberYou can change the width of the column.For example, if this value is set to "1", it will be wrapped for each choice.

Sort repeating container items

The sort icon of the repeating container item will cause the column width to be expanded widely in the header of the table.

If there are items that do not require sorting "Repetitive Container - SortPlease leave the setting of empty.

Label length of the header of the table

When the item name is long, "Label display wrappingIt is good to do it.