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I will explain how to display a legend or footnote on the screen.

Figure 1 shows an example of inserting a description between "customer" input field and "memo" input field.

Figure 1 Inserting description text (input screen)

It will also be reflected on the detail screen.I tried changing the color here.

Fig. 2 Insert description (detail screen)

As shown in Figure 3, prepare the items to store the character string to be displayed.Because it is not saved in the database, define the item name to make it easy to manage.

Figure 3 Model definition

Do not save in the database.

Figure 4 Do not save in database

It is read-only.

Fig. 5 Set to read only

Specify the character string for display as the initial value of the item's value.Here, character strings for display are set respectively when the registration screen is displayed and when the detailed screen is displayed.(This is not stored in the database.It is used only on screen display.)

Figure 6 Setting Display Characters as Initial Values

Specify the style in the input screen (registration/update).Here we set the background to white and letter color to be red.


The applicable scope of the style is "both" (the area surrounding the input field and input field).

Figure 7 Input screen style setting

Specify the style on the output screen.Here we set the background to white and the text color to blue.
Also, enable "Do not display labels" setting.

Figure 8 Style specification of output screen


Specify a single hidden layout for items that manage descriptions.(Figure 9)

Figure 9 Specifying Hidden Layout

Group display method is "grouped vertically".This will not display the frame.

Figure 10 Setting how the layout group is displayed

An example of enclosing a description in a frame is shown in Fig.

Figure 11 Display descriptive text with frame

Definition method

In Figure 10, let's say that the group display method is "enclosed in boxes".