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Mail transmission by automatic/manual timing, time specified mail transmission, time designated mail receiving function are prepared.

Wagby supports mail sending function at various timings such as registration, update, deletion, display of data.In addition, mail sending by mail designation and reception of e-mail (data import) function are realized.

(1) Send mail (fix mail template)
Prepare the mail destination, body, etc. as a template. You can send mail with its contents.
(2) Send e-mail (specify e-mail template at run time)
You can prepare multiple mail templates and specify which templates to use when sending.
(3) Send e-mail (time specified by job)
You can send mail by time designation for data that meets certain conditions.
(4) Receive mail (time specified by job)
You can receive mail by time designation. Analyze the mail body and register it as data.
(5) Sample mail server
Here is a sample of a typical mail server.