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I will explain how to make the menu hierarchical.

In the example below, the download function of the "customer" model and the upload update function are enabled.

Select the tab for which you want to place the hierarchical menu button.(Here we will make it the "Services" tab.)
Click "Add Hierarchical Menu Button" from "Button Setting" of the menu.(Figure 1)

Figure 1 Add hierarchical menu button

Currently, hierarchical menu icons are provided in the active tab.(Figure 2)

Figure 2 The hierarchical menu has been placed

As an example, label is "external input/output".Set the text color and background color.(Figure 3)

Figure 3 Label, text color, background color setting

Drag and drop to change the position of the hierarchical menu button.(FIG. 4, FIG. 5)

Figure 4 Dragging the hierarchical menu button
Figure 5 Hierarchical Menu Button Drop (Move Position)

Double-click the icon of the added "external input/output" menu.Then it will move into the hierarchy.(FIG. 6)

Figure 6 Go into the hierarchical menu

Add "Customer Download" and "Update Customer Upload" button.(FIG. 7)

Figure 7 Add menu button for download and upload update

Double clicking on the "Back" button will return you to the screen in Figure 5.

You can not change the label of the "back" button.The text color and background color are the same as the hierarchical menu button.(It can not be changed.)
  • Hierarchical menu buttons can be nested.
  • When setting the hierarchical menu, it is not possible to set the color and position of the "back" button.