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Links to external sites (other than Wagby) can be prepared in the menu. R7.5.2

An example in which a large item (tab) called "go to external site" is prepared in the menu, and a link to an arbitrary external site is prepared in it.

Fig. 1 Preparing the external link in the menu

Clicking the menu transitions to the specified URL.

Figure 2 The page with the specified URL is displayed

Create tab

First, let's prepare a tab called "external link".(Note that tab creation is not mandatory.External links can be placed on any tab.)

Figure 3 Creating a tab
Figure 4 Tab created

Create external link

Click "button setting> add external link button".

Fig. 5 External link button addition

A dialog for setting external links is prepared.

Figure 6 External Link Settings Dialog

Set labels and URLs.It is also possible to enable "Display on separate screen".In many browsers, another tab is prepared.

Figure 7 External link setting

The same buttons as other menus are prepared.

Figure 8 Button for External Link

You can also change the color of the text and the background color of the button.

Fig. 7 Setting of character color and button background color

Change setting contents

Double-clicking on the created menu button opens the setting dialog again.

Fig. 8 Opening external link setting dialog

You can write "$ {username}" in the URL part.In the actual menu link, the part is replaced with the logon ID.


In the recipient web application, please accept and handle Wagby's account.

For each external link you can specify authority (principal).Only accounts with this authority will be displayed on the menu.

Definition method

In the "Privilege" field of the external link setting dialog box, specify the principal name for validating this link.

Figure 10 Principal settings


Principals are added in the post-build application.

Figure 11 Add principal to account