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By applying the external link function, we will explain how to arrange two or more same menu buttons.

As an example we will deal with the "Customer Search" menu.As shown in Figure 1, once placed on a tab, the same menu can not be added.

Figure 1 I prepared a customer search menu
Figure 2 The same menu can not be added.

External link button

I will explain how to use the external link button to place the same "search customer" menu on another tab. First, create a new tab.

Figure 3 Creating a New Tab

Prepare "external link".

Figure 4 Preparing external links (Search list screen)

Points are in the description of the URL.

"/" + プロジェクト識別子 + "/" + 遷移先の画面情報

Here is an example.

screen URL An example
Search/List "ShowList" + model name (Camel notation) + ".do"
sign up "Insert" + model name (Camel notation) + ".do? Action_New = New"

Model name isCamel notationIt expresses with.Let's start with an uppercase letter.Customer is Customer.

Fig. 5 Preparing external links (Search list screen)
Figure 6 Preparing external links (new registration screen)

Check the application you built. You can see that the same menu icon is provided for the "Service" tab and "External use" tab.

Figure 7 Regular menu icon
Figure 8 Menu icon realized with external link