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Various customizations can be performed, such as rearranging the menu and changing the color scheme.

Menu design is done in the dedicated "Menu" tab.

Figure 1 Menu setting screen
(1) Button settings
I will explain the menu design method in the tab.
(2) Hierarchy
I will explain how to make the menu hierarchical.
(3) Manage tabs
I will explain how to add and rearrange the menu tabs.
(4) Link to external site
Links to external sites (other than Wagby) can be prepared in the menu.
(5) Duplicate menu buttons of the same model on different tabs
By applying the external link function, we will explain how to arrange two or more same menu buttons.

Change display contents of menu depending on authority

Please read "Control of Authentication/Authorization> Menu".

After logging on, skip menu display and open specific screen

Use the forwardUrl parameter."Application example> Open Wagby's arbitrary screen directly from the external system> Please read" Specify URL ".