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How to write a repository for mobile phones, test and operation constraints are explained.

Here we will introduce applications that can register "business daily report" via mobile phone.

I use the web browser that came with the mobile phone.When logging on to the Web application, the logon screen as shown in Fig. 1 is displayed.

Figure 1 Logon screen
The URL entered from the web browser of the mobile phone is the same as the PC.
(Example http:// MACHINENAME: 8921/wagby /)
When Wagby identifies a connected device and judges it as a mobile phone, it automatically displays the screen for mobile phone.(If judged to be "smartphone" here, it automatically displays the screen for smartphone.)
· Do not omit the "/" at the end of the destination URL above.
· Do not add "" to the above connection destination URL.
For example, if you specify http:// MACHINENAME: 8921/wagby/, the PC version screen will be displayed.

Enter your account and password and press the logon button.

Figure 2 Logon authentication

A menu for mobile phones will be displayed.

Figure 3 Menu

On the list display screen, "Detail" button is prepared for each data.

Figure 4 List display screen

On the detail display screen, the item name and value are displayed in one line.It is not a screen layout for PC but a simple layout.

Fig. 5 Detailed display screen

You can also update it.Selection in the list box and input of text characters are also supported.

Figure 6 Update screen
Figure 7 Select time in the list box
Figure 8 Enter text content

"Use of smartphoneIt is the same as ".Once you set up your smartphone, it will automatically be available from your mobile phone as well.

The mobile phones supported by this function are as follows.

  • NTT DoCoMo (excluding mova)
  • au
  • Softbank

The operation test can be performed using the following emulator.

  • I-mode-simurator II (for NTT DoCoMo)
  • OperaWaveSDK (au)
  • Web content viewer (Softbank)

Testing in production environment

Connect to the application built with Wagby from the outside using the line provided by carrier (NTT docomo, KDDI, Softbank). Please set so that you can connect the production machine from the Internet.You can not connect from the Internet if it is closed on the company LAN.

Please consult Wagby sales partner about the setting of the production machine to connect from the Internet.

The same restrictions apply to smartphones. Please read "Specification" for details.

In the case of mobile phones, the following restrictions are added.

  • Immediate updating of reference interlocking and automatic calculation on registration and update screens (using Ajax)
  • Save linked reference model itself
  • Registration/renewal of images (file type items) from mobile phones is not supported.[Reference: Mobile phone file type compatibility]