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I will explain the mechanism using lightweight framework iUI for older generation smartphones.

Here we will introduce applications that can register "business daily report" via mobile phone.

Use the web browser provided with the smartphone.When logging on to the Web application, the logon screen as shown in Fig. 1 is displayed.

Figure 1 Logon screen
The URL entered from the web browser of the smartphone is the same as the PC.
(Example http:// MACHINENAME: 8921/wagby /)
When Wagby identifies a connected device and judges it as a smartphone, it automatically displays the screen for smartphone.
Please do not add "" to the above connection destination URL.
For example, if you specify http:// MACHINENAME: 8921/wagby/, the PC version screen will be displayed.

Enter your account and password and press the logon button.

Figure 2 Logon authentication

A menu for smartphones is displayed.

Figure 3 Menu

On the list display screen, "Detail" button is prepared for each data.

Figure 4 List display screen

On the detail display screen, item names and values ​​are displayed side by side.It is not a screen layout for PC but a simple layout.

Fig. 5 Detailed display screen

You can also update it.Selection in the list box and input of text characters are also supported.

Figure 6 Update screen
Figure 7 Select time in the list box

You can also use list box etc for searching process.

Figure 8 Search condition input screen
The example screen uses iPhone (iOS), but it works in Android OS as well.

At the bottom of the logon screen there is a link to switch between PC and mobile.If you select a PC here, you can display the PC screen on the smartphone.

Figure 9 Switching link provided at the bottom of logon screen

An example of displaying the logon screen for PC.

Figure 10 Displaying the logon screen for PC

An example of displaying the menu screen for PC.

Fig. 11 Display of PC menu screen

If it is set to landscape orientation, screen drawing also switches accordingly.An example of displaying the calendar view.

Figure 12 Displaying Calendar View for PC

We will prepare a new submodel dailyreportMobile for the PC "dailyreport" model.Submodels are created to avoid constraints on smartphones and mobile phones.(The constraint will be described later.)

How to create a submodelHerePlease read.The main model and submodel always have the relationship as follows.

メインモデル > サブモデル
Figure 13 Relationship between main model and submodel
Figure 14 Business Reporting Model (Main Model and Submodel)

On the submodel side, set items that avoid the restrictions of mobile phones.Here, "items" are excluded.

Figure 15 Definition of Submodel

We will set up the main model with "model relevance".

In addition, select "Mobile" for "Screen> Other> Mobile terminal" on the submodel side.

Figure 16 Mobile terminal settings
It is also possible to set "create smartphone/portable correspondence screen" in one model definition without preparing submodel.In this case there are concerns that it will be difficult to use screen on PC because there are restrictions of smartphone.Therefore, when using from a smartphone/mobile phone, it is desirable to prepare a submodel.

Test on development PC

Connect smartphone to the same LAN as the development PC (via Wi-Fi). Please connect to the Wagby application (launched on the development PC) from the Web browser attached to the smartphone.

Testing in production environment

Connect to the application built with Wagby from the outside using the line provided by carrier (NTT docomo, KDDI, SoftBank, etc.). Please set so that you can connect the production machine from the Internet.You can not connect from the Internet if it is closed on the company LAN.

Please consult Wagby sales partner about the setting of the production machine to connect from the Internet.

Since smartphones need different screen operability from PCs, they behave differently from PC version.

Screen action definition that does not work

  • Display in printed form
  • List display (grid format)
  • Mass update
  • Delete all
  • Batch form output
  • Send bulk mail
  • List update
  • CSV/Excel download
  • CSV/Excel upload update
  • Form screen
  • Calendar view
  • Map view
  • Summary view
  • Form output
  • Full text search
  • Workflow
  • Wizard tab
  • Handle the search/list display screen on the same screen
  • Copy registration button on search/list display screen
  • Portal

Item definition not working

  • Item Type: Model Reference (Search Screen)
  • Item type: Calendar can not be entered for date.Date only in list box.
  • Write-once type list box
  • Repeat item
  • Repeat container
  • Foreign key child model linkage

Other functions that do not work

  • Suggest
  • Narrow down items
  • Complex layout definition such as side by side and vertical arrangement
  • Management processing menu (for administrator)
  • Common processing (password change etc.)
  • Password reminder function
  • List update screen for changing the contents of option model
As shown in Fig. 10 to Fig. 12, when the PC version screen is applied as it is, it is almost the same as the PC version.However, file downloading and uploading will not work.

Specification difference from PC version

  • Handling of "file type item" is different.On Android OS, you can select and send photos on the registration/update screen.Although browsing is possible on iPhone OS, it is not compatible with registration/update.Mobile phones can not handle file types.
  • After the search button is pressed, if there is a search result, it transitions to the list display screen.For this reason, the "to list view" button is not displayed.
  • If you are conducting the search process right after the search screen transition and there is a search result, if you select "○ ○ search" in the menu, the search screen is not displayed and the screen transitions to the list display screen.
  • If you want to always display the search screen from "○ ○ search" in the menu, it is necessary not to perform the search process immediately after search screen transition.
  • The display position of the action button is fixed up and down.Deletion/Mail send button is set to display at the bottom.

Please read "Use smartphone> Default when using iPad as PC screen".