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I will explain how to specify search items that can be used on the search screen.

In the model definition, you can use it as a search condition by putting a check in the "Search" column prepared for each item.

Figure 1 Specifying search conditions

If you specify numeric type and date/time type items as search conditions, range search is automatically enabled.You can search by specifying the range "A to B".(You can also cancel this range search.)

For details, please read "Model item> Numeric> Use as search condition".

The search condition and the specified items are indexed in the database.This optimizes the database automatically so that search performance is always the best.

However, if many items are specified as search criteria, the performance of update processing will degrade.(This is because you change the index each time you update.) If you prepare it as a search condition item but do not use it much for searching, make sure not to perform the index creation process, so consider the balance with the update process.

Generated index7.9

The index specification corresponding to the search condition can be confirmed with the following file.


You can check the contents of the file with a text editor.The following DDL is included.

CREATE INDEX "jfcidx_ModelID_ModelitemName" ON "ModelID"

The display order of the search screen is the order of the items checked in Figure 1.

You can change this order.For details, please read "Order of search conditions".

  • In the case of using the search condition,This item is stored in the databaseit is necessary.(In the case of reference linked item, the reference destination item must be saved in the database.)
  • If the item in the repeating container is "item reference of another model - check box" or "item reference of another model - reference linkage", it can not be specified as a search condition.
  • Zip code itemIf you set the search condition as the search condition, also specify the corresponding address item in the search condition.

The repository key is model/modelitem/@hasConditionModel.