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Specify the type for all model items. "Character" "Numeric" "Date/Time" "Item reference of other models" "Repeat container" is prepared.

Type attribute Description Java type
String There is no theoretical length limit.Follow database to use. java.lang.String
Postal code You can specify an address item. (Same as above)
mail address At the time of screen display, it outputs a mail address link (mailto :). (Same as above)
URL Outputs the URL link (http:// ...) when displaying the screen.When the destination is an image, not only the URL character string but also the image of the link destination are displayed.It corresponds also to Japanese link notation. (Same as above)
file name It can handle files such as images and documents. (Same as above)
Numerical value integer -2, 147, 483, 648 - 2, 147, 483, 647 int
1 byte integer -128 to 128 byte
2 byte integer -32,768 to 32,767 short
4 byte integer Same as "integer"
8 byte integer -9, 223, 372, 036, 854, 775, 808 to 9, 223, 372, 06, 854, 775, 807 long
4 byte floating point number Accuracy of about 6 digits after the decimal point [Not recommended: see below] float
8 byte floating point number Accuracy of about 15 digits after the decimal point double
Date/Time date We deal with the year, month, day.The year can be specified in the range from 1753 to 9999. java.sql.Date
Times of Day Handle time. java.sql.Time
Date Time Handle year, month, day and time.The year can be specified in the range from 1753 to 9999. java.sql.Timestamp
Item reference of other models list box Display reference items in list box format.You can prepare "unselected" items when searching. It conforms to the type of the primary key item of the referenced item.
Radio button Display reference items in radio button format.You can prepare a clear button. (Same as above)
Checkbox Display reference items in check box format.You can prepare all selections and clear buttons. (Same as above)
Search screen You can specify reference items by another screen search.When the referenced item is a character string type, it corresponds also to a suggestion input. (Same as above)
Reference linkage When you decide the reference destination model in one of the above four patterns, it links with it. It conforms to the type of the item specified in the reference destination.
Repeat container Stores the detail. A container name class is prepared.
Repeating Container ID It is necessary at the beginning of the repeating container.Manage the number of containers. int

In fact, the item type provided by Wagby is automatically converted to the appropriate type provided by the database product to be used.For example, in case of character string type, if you use Oracle 9i/10g/11g for database, it becomes varchar2 (255).For details on this conversion rule, please read the explanation for each database.

Selection of floating point number

Please select "8 byte floating point" unless there is a special reason.Since errors are included in the calculation of decimal numbers by computer, 8-byte floating point number than 4-byte floating point number can minimize the influence of error more.

When handling huge number including decimal point

The mantissa part of 8 byte floating point number is up to 15 decimal digits.If 3 digits are used for the decimal point, the integral part can be expressed in up to 12 digits (≈ 1 trillion yen).

If you change the type of item, please note the following points.

The setting of that item is reset

For example, if you change the type of an item that has already been set to read-only, its (read-only) setting will be canceled.In principle, changing the type will have a large impact on the generated code, so some settings will be restored to their initial state.

Impact on automatic calculation formula

If you have set up an automatic calculation formula, you may need to modify the expression itself by changing the type.

Change of active application

If you change the type of an item in an active application,You will not be able to import past exported dataThere is a possibility.In this case, consideration such as manually changing the data itself is necessary.

Generally, it is known that "change of item type" in system design causes bigger reversion as the completion of the whole is getting closer.Please change type carefully.

The repository key is model/modelitem/@type.