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You can choose between registering past values ​​in the list box or entering new values.

Here is an example where the "industry type" item of the customer model is set as a write-once type list box.
Figure 1 shows the initial state.The list box contains no value.Here, enter "wholesale" directly, save it.

Fig. 1 Use of write-once type list box (1)

On the update screen, you can select the value you entered earlier.Do not select here, enter "healthy" again and save.

Fig. 2 Use of write-once type list box (2)

In this way you can enter directly, but you can also select past data.

Fig. 3 Use of write-once type list box (3)

Definition method

The "industry type" item is a character string type.
Opens the model item detail definition dialog.Enable "Input control> write-once type list box".

Fig. 4 Setting of write-once type list box

If you use this setting as a search condition, it becomes a recordable list box on the search condition input screen as well.

This function displays all data in a list box.Therefore, if the amount of data to be stored is large, it is better not to specify this.It is effective in cases where the number of input patterns is limited.

This function can not be specified if it falls under the following conditions.