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If you specify a text area, you can enter long sentences.

An example

Figure 1 is an example of specifying the "remarks" item as a text area.By default, three lines of input fields are prepared.

Figure 1 Input field of text area item

Definition method

Remarks item is a character string type.
Opens the model item detail definition dialog.Specify "Text area" in "Input control> Input item type".

Figure 2 Specifying the text area

An example

Figure 3 shows an example in which the number of lines in the text area is 10 lines and the number of characters per line (70 characters).

Figure 3 Example of specifying the number of lines

Definition method

Specify "number of lines" and "number of characters per line" in "text area> normal" in the input control tab respectively.

Figure 4 Specify the number of lines and the number of characters per line

If you specify a text area (rich), you can specify character qualification and layout.(FIG. 5, FIG. 6)

Figure 5 Text Area (Rich) (1)
Figure 6 Text Area (Rich) (2)

Even on the detailed display screen after saving, it will be qualified.(FIG. 7)

Figure 7 Text Area (Rich) (2)
Modifications are done by HTML tags.

Definition method

Opens the model item detail definition dialog.Specify "Text area (rich)" in "Input control> Input item type".

Figure 8 Specifying text area (rich)

Specify height and width7.11

You can set the "height" and "width" of the rich text area.

Figure 9 Setting the Height and Width of the Text Area (Rich)

Specify unit

In the width setting, you can set px, em,% in units.As for height setting, it is not possible to set the relative value for the parent element, so you can only set px, em.

When only numerical values ​​are set, the unit is "px".

Embed images7.11.1

You can embed images.The target image must be specified by URL.

Figure 10 Specify the image by URL

You can also specify a file under Wagby's img folder in the image file.Please specify "./img/ image file name" as URL.

Figure 11 Specify the image in the img folder in the URL
  • If "./img" is not specified, "http://" is prefixed.
  • Words entered in the explanation field are displayed by placing the mouse on the image.
  • To update the image file, double click on the icon.A dialog opens.

Check the HTML source7.11.1

On the input screen, you can check the HTML source directly.

Figure 12 Checking the HTML source
Those with HTML knowledge can also edit tags directly.(In consideration of security, editable tags are limited to those that can express this rich text area.It is not designed to describe arbitrary tags.)

Select a plug-in7.11.1

Of six types of plugins, you can choose what to use.By default, "style" "font size" "color" "list" "indent" "layout" is selected.

  • style
  • font size
  • Color
  • List (Middle black, number setting)
  • Indent
  • Layout (right-justified, left-justified setting)
  • image
  • HTML source display
Figure 13 Selecting Text Area (Rich) Plugins

Usage Considerations

When using text area (rich), please pay attention to the following points.

  • The text area (rich) is valid on the detail screen and the registration/update screen.It does not apply to condition input on the search screen or to the list update screen.
  • In the case of a text area (rich), "number of lines" and "number of characters per line" are not reflected.The size of the input field is fixed.
  • It is not recommended to change the text area so far to the text area (rich).All line breaks in the text area are ignored in the text area (rich).
  • Likewise, we do not recommend changing text area (rich) to text area.In the text area (rich), character modification is done using HTML tags.When you change to the text area, the data so far will be displayed as a character string with HTML tags.
  • Please apply REMOVEHTMLTAG function when applying text area (rich) items for sending mail.This is because HTML tags are added to the mail to be sent.

Screen example

On the detail display screen, text area items are displayed as "read only".(FIG. 14)

Figure 14 Example on the Detailed Display Area of ​​Text Area Item

By setting to display text area as label, you can erase the frame in the text area.(FIG. 15)

Figure 15 Displaying text areas with labels

Definition method

Opens the "Output control" tab of the model item detail definition dialog.Enable "Display by text area> Label".

Figure 16 Detailed screen settings
Figure 17 List screen settings
- This setting is not available in "Rich Text Area".Label display can not be performed because data saved in rich text area contains HTML tags.

The number of text area lines on the list update screen can be specified separately. For details, please read "Screen> Update List> Number of lines and number of characters in text area".

DDL changes in setting of text area

Wagby may modify the table definition of the related model if you change the text type item to the text area (or vice versa, canceling the text area designation).For example, if MySQL is used as the external database, varchar type is applied for normal character string type, text type is used for text area.

Setting the number of characters that can be stored

There is an upper limit of "number of characters that can be stored" in the item where the text area is specified.This varies depending on the database. To change this, please specify "type of table definition" directly.

DatabaseStringString (text area)
HSQLDB (embedded database)varchar(4000)varchar(4000)
PostgreSQLvarchar(255)text (*1)
SQL Servernvarchar(255)nvarchar(1000)
DB 2varchar(255)varchar(4000)
MySQLvarchar(255)text (*2)
1. The PostgreSQL text type is 1 Gbyte.
2. The MySQL text type is 65,535 bytes.

Depending on the Web browser you use, the behavior of the text area changes.


The text area resizing function can not be used depending on the web browser.Figure 18 shows Google Chrome when using Windows 7, and Figure 19 shows an example using Internet Explorer 11.

Figure 18 Google Chrome can resize
Figure 19 Internet Explorer 11 can not resize

For text areas that are not rich, hold the line feed character "LF" (\ n).