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You can specify repeating items delimiter. Line feeds can also be specified.

Describe the character in "Repetition - Repeat item delimiter" in the "Input control" tab of the model item detail definition dialog.

As shown in FIG. 4, as a special notation


If you mention it, it will be a newline character.

Figure 4 Delimiter setting

An example

If the data in the repeating container may be duplicated, prepare a dummy item that stores the value excluding duplicates.

Figure 5 Excluding duplicates from repeating container values

Even in the list display, make it appear as line feed.

Fig. 6 List display

Definition method

Define a dummy item that stores the value except duplicates.

Figure 7 Model definition

Look for duplication using the DDJOIN function.Make the delimiter a newline character.

Figure 8 DDJOIN function

Because this is a new line, we will make this item a text area.It is treated as read-only automatically because it is a calculation item.

Figure 9 Setting the text area

Enable "Display text area with labels" on the detail display screen and list display screen.

Fig. 10 Labeling - Detailed screen
Fig. 11 Displayed by label - List display

The repository key is presentation/displayitem/@multipleSeparator, presentation/displayitem/@multipleSeparatorForShow.