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You can set the "Repeat" attribute for items of string, numeric, date/time type.

Figure 1 shows an example in which the "phone number" item of the character string type is repeatedly set.An "Add" button is prepared next to the item name.

Figure 1 "Add" button is prepared when repeat setting is done

If you press the add button, one entry field will be added.

Figure 2 Input field added

In the detail screen, it is enumerated with comma separator.

Figure 3 Detailed display of repeat items
A single model can contain multiple "repeating" items.(There is no upper limit.)

Check "Use it as repetition" prepared in "Detail" tab of model item detail definition.

Fig. 4 Use as repetition

Configurable type

The types of items that can specify repetitive items are as follows.

  • String
  • Numerical value
  • date
  • Date Time
A model reference can not be specified as a repeating item.In this case, we will use "repeating container".

Items with repeated attributes are split into separate tables.(It will be 1: N relationship.Therefore there is no upper limit on the number of data that can be registered.

Strictly, the theoretical upper limit is the number of records that can be held in one table of the external database to be adopted.Therefore, constraints in actual operation can be regarded as none.

The generated table is "model name $ item name".

The repository key is model/modelitem/@multiple.