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In Wagby, values ​​may be rewritten without reference redrawing (reloading) with reference linked items or automatically calculated items. This uses Ajax technology.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is a technique to rewrite a part of the screen (page) without redrawing the screen.

In a typical Web application, when data is requested from the client to the server, the page content is updated by redrawing the screen.However, with Ajax, communication processing is performed behind the state with the registration and update screen open, and part of the screen is rewritten.(This is called asynchronous communication.)

Fig. 1 Image of Ajax operation

Wagby does not have a setting part related to Ajax.On the registration and update screen, Ajax will automatically operate on the following patterns.

  • Item with automatic calculation formula set.
  • Items for which reference linkage has been set (see other models).
  • Item specified for narrowing down other model reference items (list box etc.).
  • Item specified in own model item name of model reference (narrowing down) in another model reference item (list box etc).
  • Items whose suggestion function is used in other model reference items.

For each user, Ajax to be processed at the same time is one.(One Ajax process is executed sequentially for each HTTP session of the user.)