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Provide data copy registration function.

You can prepare copy registration buttons on detailed screen or list screen.(FIGS. 1 and 2)

Figure 1 Copy registration button provided on the detail screen
Figure 2 Copy registration button provided on the list display screen

Definition method - List display, Detail display

In the screen setting "search/list display" and "detailed display", write "○" in the "display" column of the copy registration button.

Fig. 3 Preparing the copy registration button (list display, detailed display)

Definition method - list update

In the screen setting "Update list", activate the copy registration button.(Only one button)

Figure 4 Preparing the copy registration button (list update)

When using this function, it is necessary to create "new registration screen".

Figure 5 Setting to create a new registration screen

In principle, all items are subject to copy registration in the model with copy registration enabled. You can control this for each item (so as not to copy).

Fig. 6 Example in which "name" "name" or "name" is not copied

Definition method

Opens the model item detail definition dialog for each item."Copy values ​​at copy registration"Delete.(It is enabled by default.)

Fig. 7 Copy values ​​at copy registration (in the state where "○" is set)

Multiple copy buttons can be prepared.As shown in Figure 8, define multiple button names separated by ",".("," Is half-width characters.)

Fig. 8 Preparing multiple copy buttons

Copy setting of item when multiple copy button is prepared

For each button, you can set copy settings for items. "Input control> copy value at copy registration" 1 When you write it, it means the first button "Name copied". In other words, it means that it will be copied when you click on the "Name copied" button.

Figure 9 Control corresponding to copy button (recapture)
Please specify the number of the copy button (order of arrangement), not the button name.Separate multiple entries with a comma.(I describe examples 1 and 2)

Setting display conditions when copying button is prepared

When preparing the copy registration button, enclose each expression in double quotation marks and separate them with a comma.

The following example specifies a conditional expression for each of the two buttons.

"EXACT(USERNAME(),"admin")", "EXACT(USERNAME(),"manager")"

If the second button has no condition, write as follows.

"EXACT(USERNAME(),"admin")", "○"

Or you can say not describing conditions. In the following example, the second button is treated as unconditional ("○") and it is always displayed.(However, because there are multiple buttons, you need to enclose them in double quotation marks.)

Even if there is only one copy button, surround the display conditional expression with double quotation marks.

You can also apply expressions to copy processing. Figure 10 shows an example in which parentheses are added before and after the item name and copied.

Figure 10 Example of applying expressions to copy processing

Definition method

Write an expression in "Copy contents" of "Input control> Copy values ​​at copy registration".

"(" + ${name} + ")"
Fig. 11 Expression setting

For details of how to write calculation formulas, see "Formula> basic writing stylePlease read.

Copy model reference item7.11

You can copy the model reference item by giving "#id" to the expression described in the copy content.An example of the item1 item is shown below.


Open the new registration tab in the screen tab.Please specify the letters in the "Page title (copy registration screen)" column.

Open the new registration tab in the screen tab.Please specify the letters in the "Description text (copy registration screen)" column.

The action button display position on the new registration screen is also reflected on the copy registration screen. For details, please read "New registration> display position of action button".

It conforms to the new registration screen. For details, please read "New registration> prepared button (function)".

Simultaneous update of child models> Please read copy registration.

Incidentally,Designation of initial display number of child model list updateDoes not apply to copy registration screen. (This is the same movement as repeated containers.)

Please read "branch number by compound key". There are two ways of manual input pattern of the primary key and sequence (automatic numbering) usage pattern.

Please read "New Registration Cancel Operation Dialog".