There is no screen concerning deletion. Deletion function is prepared on detailed display and list display screen.

You can prepare a delete button on the detail display screen.By default, it is set to "display".

Figure 1 Delete button setting (detailed display)

You can prepare a batch delete button in the list display.

Figure 2 Setting of deletion button (list display)

An example

Here is an example where a collective delete button is prepared for the customer model.

Select the check box provided in the first row of the list display.The check boxes on the second and subsequent lines select individual data.

Figure 3 List display with bulk delete enabled

Figure 4 shows an example in which the first three lines are specified for deletion.After selection, press "Delete all at once" button.A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Press "OK".

Figure 4 Press the batch delete button after selection

The selected data was deleted.

Figure 5 Deleted selected data

Influence range of fullselect checkbox

The fullselect checkbox only applies to the displayed data.Even if there are search results that span multiple pages, only the currently displayed page will be displayed.

Therefore, the batch deletion button is also the target data selected on the displayed page.

  • After pressing the batch deletion button on the list display screen, the screen changes to the same list display screen.
  • After pressing the Delete button on the detail screen, we will follow the P.C. list and make the transition to the first detail screen we found.If you have not made a detailed screen transition, it will transition to the list display screen of the same model.