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Update the data in list format (grid display).

Activate "Screen> Update list> Show in grid".

Fig. 1 Display with grid

Data update, new registration, and deletion processing can be performed in the grid format on the list update screen.

Figure 2 List update screen Grid utilization


Each row corresponds to one piece of data.Correct the input field in the line.The data being modified will be locked.In the save process, only the data being modified is updated.

Copy registration/new registration

Press the "copy" or "new" button provided on the left side of each line.


In the "Delete" column prepared on the left side, check the data you want to delete.You can delete it by pressing save button.


Save the current edit state.The lock will be released after saving.Error lines are ignored.For example, if you are editing 10 rows and there is an input error (eg mandatory missing input) on one line, nine are saved by pressing save button.


Cancels all editing status and returns to the original screen (list display screen).Edited values ​​are not saved.

Check the input

Performs the current data input check processing.If there is an error, "Error" is displayed.You can perform checking before pressing the save button.

Correction across multiple pages

When the number of cases is large, it is divided into multiple pages and displayed.Even if you move the page, the content of the editing work is memorized.When you return to the original page, the data being edited is restored.

Type of corresponding item

The types of items supported by the grid are as follows.

  • String (text box)
  • Numerical value (text box)
  • list box
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Date calendar

"Screen function> Update list> Page title" Please read.

"Screen function> Update list> Description text" Please read.

Screen example

You can set that you do not allow update processing.The operation will be as follows.

  • New registration can be done.
  • Update/delete processing can not be performed.

In other words, it becomes update mode in which "record that can be input" and "record which can not be input" are mixed in the list update screen.

Figure 3 List update screen for which updating is not permitted

If you press the "New" button on the line, a record for new input will be prepared.

Figure 4 You can add new records

Definition method

Release the "Allow update processing" setting.(It is enabled by the standard.)

Figure 5 Setting to allow update processing

On the list update screen, the displayed data is locked.

If you move to "next page" or "previous page", the modified data retains the lock as it is, and unlocked data is unlocked.

If you fail to acquire the lock when moving the page, you can not edit it.Unlike list update (non-grid format), lock failure is not displayed at the left end of the data.

On the update list screen in the grid format, the size of the text area item is fixed.Scroll bars are added when multiple lines are entered.

Fig. 6 Use of text area

This setting works the same as list display.For details, please read "Search/list display> simultaneous display number of list display screen".

This setting works the same as list display.For details, please read "Search/list display> pagination on list display screen".

Please read "List update> prepared button (function)".When using the grid format, there are the following restrictions.

  • The "save" button can not be disabled.
  • The display control of the buttons in the grid does not work.All buttons are displayed.

"Screen function> Update list> Specifications and restrictions". The restrictions added in the case of the grid format are as follows.

Scroll type

In the grid format, the scroll type (column fixed, header row fixed, header row/column fixed) does not work.

Display control of buttons

Expressions can not be written in the display control of buttons in the grid.(The judgment processing by the expression does not operate.)