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Using the Graph portlet, you can display arbitrary graphs on the portal screen.

Here, "Sales summary graph by categoryThis example describes how to display the example in the portlet.

This model's "Using the REST APIPlease enable the setting and build.

Create a new portlet.Please enter as follows.

Setting items Description Input example
Portlet ID Make an arbitrary character string.It is a combination of alphanumeric characters. salestotalByDept
Portlet type Select a graph. Graph
title The title displayed on the portlet screen.Set an arbitrary character string. Total sales by category
size Specify the portrait's vertical and horizontal size (pixel value).It is a good idea to match the width with other portlets belonging to the same display area. 200 x 250
Display setting It is valid. Effectiveness
Display order Specify the initial display order in the same display area.Please specify an integer value. 1
Display area Specify in which display area the portlet is to be displayed.Please specify an integer value. 2
Graph - Type Specify the type of graph to use. Collective column chart
Graph - Color Specify the color of the graph to be used. Blue
Graph - Aggregate view number The model you specify can define multiple aggregate views.Specify which aggregate view (a combination of dimensions and measures) should be used.Please specify an integer value. 1
Graph - Referenced model Specify the category as the user and specify the model.For the model specified here, the summary view must be enabled. Sales summary
Figure 1 Setting up the graph portlet

Figure 2 shows the list display that created the graph portlet.

Fig. 2 Portlet list

The graph of the model you set above will be displayed in the portlet.

Figure 3 Displaying the Graph portlet

An example

You can also display multiple graph portlets.Figure 4 shows an example of displaying two graphs.

Figure 4 Total Sales by Segment and Sales Total Graph by Month

Definition method

Create two graph portlets.(FIG. 5)

Fig. 5 Prepare portlets for total sales by department and sales total by month

Each portlet specifies which "summary view" corresponds.(This time, monthly aggregation corresponds to "2" aggregate view.)

Fig. 6 Setting up sales aggregation portlet by month