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I will explain how to enable the portal function. (Immediately after Wagby installation, it is set not to use the portal function. It needs to be validated by the procedure described here.)

Log on to the Wagby application as a system administrator.Select "Portal administration ..." from the management processing tab.

Fig. 1 Perform portal management

First open "Portal Settings".

Figure 2 Setting up the portal

Click the Update button to open the setting screen.

Fig. 3 Portal setting screen

Activate "Use portal".For other settings, use the standard value as it is.

Figure 4 Enabling the portal function

When you enable the portal function, a portal tab is prepared.Next, select the "portlet" (the part displayed on the portal screen) to be displayed in the portal tab.

Choose "Portlet Settings" from the menu.

Figure 5 Portlet settings

The available portlets are displayed.(Fig. 6) This time, we activate three portlets "Calendar", "Logon user list" and "Notice".

Click the "Update list" button from the screen in Figure 6.

Fig. 6 Portlet list

- On the list maintenance screen, activate each portlet.(We will use standard values ​​for other setting fields.)

Figure 7 Enabling the portlet

An example of enabling each of the three portlets is shown in Fig.

Figure 8 Activated 3 portlets

By setting up so far, the "Portal" tab will be added to the menu.Also, three portlets will be displayed.

Figure 9 Portlet displayed

The portlet has a setting called "display area"."2" or "3" can be specified for "Display area division number" on the portal setting screen (Fig. 4) in the display area.When the display area division number is "2", it becomes as shown in Figure 12.Based on the display area specification of each portlet, the first position is confirmed.

In addition, the portlet has a setting called "display order".In the same display area, the younger one in the display order is placed above.

Figure 10 Portlet Display Area

You can change the placement position of the portlet by dragging and dropping it.(FIGS. 11 and 12)

Figure 11 Changing the placement position of the portlet (drag)
Fig. 12 Changing the portlet placement position (Drop)

If you log on again after changing the placement, the last modified placement will take effect.

Size (portrait, landscape) is stipulated for portlets.Even if you drag and drop, this size will be maintained.

You can also set the application user so that portlets can not be moved.
Please enable "Fix portlet" setting.You can not change the placement of the portlet by dragging and dropping.

This setting is effective for all users.
Figure 13 Fixing the portlet

By setting up the portal by the system administrator, general users can also use the portal.(FIG. 14)

The account yamada is using a different browser.Portal settings are partly stored in the browser's cookie, so if you switch accounts on the same PC you change the browser.
Figure 14 Example logging on with account yamada

Portlet list is not displayed

If the portlet list shown in Figure 6 is not displayed, the initial data on the portlet may be empty.

Please re-import only the initial data of the portlet as follows and check whether the data of the portlet is displayed.

  1. After logging on as the system administrator, open the Import and Export screen.
  2. Select "data_init" as the import folder name.
  3. Select Portal> Portlet> Portlet Type Master from the model list provided by the system and press the "Import" button.