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Currently you can view the users (accounts) logged on to the system.

Open the logon user list portlet setting screen from the portlet list.
Save the display as "valid".

Figure 1 Enabling Logon User List Portlet

The logon user list information is displayed in the portlet.

Figure 2 Displaying the logon user list portlet


You can customize by editing "script" of logon user list portlet.

Figure 3 Script field of logon user list portlet

Change the maximum number

By default, the maximum number of display is 30.It is enclosed in a red frame in Figure 3.

var maxDisplayUser = 30;

By changing this value, you can adjust the maximum display number.(In this case, you may also want to adjust the portlet's own vertical size.)

Change display contents

By default, it is "name (idle time)".It is enclosed in a red frame in Figure 3.

userName + " (" + data[userName][0] + ")"

For example, by modifying it as follows, you can prevent idle time from being displayed.

Build is unnecessary.After correction, it will be reflected on the portal screen immediately.