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With the workflow portlet, you can display workflows awaiting approval awaiting and workflow lists that you should approve on the portal screen.

Open the setting screen of the workflow portlet from the portlet list.(Figure 1)

Figure 1 Selecting the workflow portlet

The setting items are as follows.

Figure 2 Setting up the workflow portlet
Setting items Description Input example
size Specify the portrait's vertical and horizontal size (pixel value).It is a good idea to match the width with other portlets belonging to the same display area.Vertical size starts/When the number of workflows being held is large, expanding it makes it easy to see.The height 150 set in Figure 2 is the minimum height to display one workflow. 150 x 200
Display setting It is valid. Effectiveness
Display order Specify the initial display order in the same display area.Please specify an integer value. 1
Display area Specify in which display area the portlet is to be displayed.Please specify an integer value. 2

Figure 3 shows the list display with workflow portlet enabled.

Figure 3 When the workflow portlet is enabled

Let's open a portal screen with account with authority.As shown in Figure 4, you can see that there is one hold flow (one workflow that is waiting for my decision).

Figure 4 Indicates that there is 1 pending flow
By pushing "Get Latest Information" button prepared for this portlet, you can rewrite it to the latest state.(It is not automatic update.)


In Figure 4, clicking on the workflow applicant (logon account name) displays the "Hold flow state search screen" for that model.

Figure 5 Retention Flow Status Search Screen

In the screen shown in Figure 5, you can select and approve the workflow to approve.(You can also make multiple approval with multiple selections.)

Fig. 6 Resolution to hold flow
Fig. 7 Completion of approval


Figure 8 shows the logon screen for the workflow application.You can see that workflow has been settled.

Fig. 8 Approved workflow