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You can have multiple forms output as one PDF.

In the invoicing output work, the first few pages are supposed to be cases in which the actual invoice is included in the clause.

JasperReport is basically based on creating one pattern with one template file. So we need to prepare multiple template files as below.


We will summarize these as one PDF.

Specify it as a form template.

Figure 1 Setting up the join template file (for JapserReport)

The following rules apply.

  • The second and subsequent template files are registered in "joining template file" (repeating container).They are combined in order of registration.
  • However, if JaspterReport's template file is also specified in the normal item ("template file"), it is assumed to be the first page.
  • When the output file name is not specified in the form template model, the template file name of the ordinary item is used.However, when the template file name is not specified in the ordinary item, the first template file name of the repeating container is used.