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You can prepare a dedicated screen for report output. The selected list form is output.

When this setting is made, a button "(model) form" is prepared in the menu.

Figure 1 Form output button provided in menu

On the form output screen, select the type of list form you want to output.After specifying the search condition, press the "report output" button.
The item of the output condition is the same as the item specified in the search condition.(It is the same as the content displayed on the search condition screen.)

Figure 2 Form output screen

(1) Activate "Screen> Form output> Form screen> Create screen".

Fig. 3 Creating a form screen

(2) Set the template.The display screen is "form screen".Set the button name so that it can be distinguished by the option in Figure 2.

Figure 4 Template settings
If you do not set the template, a form corresponding to the form output screen of model name XXX can not be found at build time.This will result in an error.

(3) Prepare the "form screen" in the menu.

You can specify "Initial value of form to be output" on the setting screen in Fig. 3.

item name
Specify a string type item or model reference item.It is assumed that the item whose "value" matches "template file name" is selected.
In the case of a model reference item, it looks for whether the "primary key value" of the referenced model matches the "template file name".(In this setting, the referenced model does not correspond to the composite primary key.)
The state that the specified value matches "template file name" is selected.

If there is only one type of report output screen, you can hide the "form to be output" item.

Figure 5 "Output form" item is not displayed

Definition method

Enable "Do not display choices when outputting one form".(It is enabled by default.)

Figure 6 Do not display choices when there is only one form to be output
This setting is effective only when there is only one output pattern as above.If there are two or more output patterns that can be selected on the form screen, options are prepared.
  • On the form screen, list form is output.Detailed form output can not be performed.
  • In this setting, template files are not generated (output) in the work/report folder.