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You can output single votes and list forms in HTML format, Excel format, PDF format.

HTML form

Switch the screen prepared on the web to print mode as it is.Since screen layout can be reused, form layout design is unnecessary.

Excel form

Define the form layout in Excel.When the user presses the "print" button, the Excel file is downloaded.Print using Excel.

PDF form

It is a way to call a third party PDF output library.JasperReport is supported by the standard.

It is also possible to link with other libraries.Please inquire details.

(1) HTML form
It is a simple print function that outputs the current screen layout directly to the printer. Use the print function of the web browser.
(2) Excel form - Detail view
Details Detailed form data is output as an Excel file. You can print to the printer using Excel.
(3) Excel form - list display
Output list form data as Excel file. You can print to the printer using Excel.
(4) Placeholder
Describe the format, rules, and notation examples of placeholders described in the template file.
(5) Create complicated layout
A complicated form layout can be realized by aggregating placeholders on the first sheet and preparing the layout after the second sheet. Here, we will explain "purchase order" "order confirmation" as an example.
(6) Output multiple forms of data at once
You can select the data displayed on the list display and output the report at once.
(7) Prepare a dedicated screen for list output
You can prepare a dedicated screen for report output. The selected list form is output.
(8) PDF output using JasperReports (1) Detailed display
I will explain how to output PDF files using JasperReports.
(9) PDF output using JasperReports (2) List display
Explain handling of list display using JasperReports.
(10) PDF output using JasperReports (3) Combining files
You can have multiple forms output as one PDF.
(11) Script to customize the output of the form
You can customize the contents of the form output data using a script.