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I will show you how to link two (independent) list boxes that are not related by calculation formulas. R7.8

"Blood type" item and "Blood type explanation" item are prepared for sample customer model.When the blood type is "(not selected)", the explanation column is blank.

Figure 1 Sample registration screen

When "blood type" is selected, a description corresponding to this is displayed.(FIGS. 2 and 3)

Figure 2 Select blood type
Figure 3 Description text is displayed

The characteristic of this example is that the "blood type" model and the "blood type explanation" model are not related from the database viewpoint.The ID to be displayed is specified by calculation formulas.

Figure 4 Model used in this sample

Blood type model

"Choice model (initial data fixed)" is taken.

Fig. 5 Initial value of blood type model

Blood type explanation model

"Choice model (initial data fixed)" is taken.

Fig. 6 Initial value of blood type explanation model

Customer model

Prepare "blood type" item and "blood type explanation" item.

Figure 7 Customer model

Blood type item

Reference blood type model in list box format.

Figure 8 Blood type item (see model)

Prepare "(Not Selected)" in this list box.

Figure 9 Preparing unselected

Blood type explanation item

Refer to the blood type description model in list box format.It is not reference linkage.There is also neither a blood type model nor a narrowing-down setting (depending on the items of the database).

Figure 10 Blood type explanation item (see model)

This list box contains "(not selected)"I will not prepare.

Figure 11 Do not prepare unselected

Set expression

Set an expression in the blood type explanation item.It controls its own display contents according to the value of blood type choice (ID part).If the blood type is unselected, we will make ourselves null.(Since this item does not prepare unselected, it will be blank as shown in Fig.)

Fig. 12 Expression setting

In order to set the expression, this item will automatically become "read only".It does not work as a list box.