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You can apply the reference interlocking function and enter a character string while selecting and adding fixed messages.

First, prepare the "example sentence" model which manages the example sentences shown in Fig.

Figure 1 Example sentence model

Create a new "report" model that uses the example sentence model shown in Fig. The example sentence code is "Suggest" set.When you enter the code, the candidate is displayed.

Figure 2 Specifying an example sentence code with a suggestion

Since "content" item is set to refer to character strings linked to example sentence codes (to save themselves model), the reference interlocked value is set.

Setting example sentences by linking with Figure 3

Add a character string to the "content" item and specify the example sentence code again.

Figure 4 Specify example sentence code again

While keeping the input character string so far, the reference interlocked value behind it isAdditional notesIt was done. You can do this reference interlock as many times as you like. Ultimately, input is terminated with input support by several reference interlocking.

The linked character string is additionally written as shown in FIG. 5

"Example sentence code" is hidden (hidden item) on the detail display screen.

Figure 6 Detailed display example

This application has two models "example sentence code" and "report" available.

Figure 7 Model definition

Example sentence code model

In the "example sentence code" model, the example sentence code is a character string type primary key.

Figure 8 Definition of example sentence code model

The example sentence code item has "Suggest" enabled.

Figure 9 Enable Suggest

Report model

Points are "example sentence code" item and "contents" item.

Figure 10 Report model

Example sentence code item

Define the example sentence code model as reference (search).

Figure 11 Model reference setting

It is hidden on the detail screen.

Figure 12 Hidden Settings

Content item

The contents item is referred to as reference interlocking.

See Figure 13 Setting up interlock

The point is that you specify "append" to "How to define reference linkage".(If this choice is blank or "overwrite", it will always be overwritten with the reference linked value.)

Refer to Fig. 13 Add the linkage

In addition, this "contents" item is assumed to be own model saving.

Fig. 14 Self model save setting

Finally, this "content" item is a text area and cancels read-only designation.

Figure 15 Clear Text Area & Read Only
  • This function is based on the assumption that the item storing reference linked values ​​is a character string type.(Numerical type, date type, store model reference item and master model reference item etc are not applicable.)
  • As for upload update, unlike the normal editing screen, if the reference destination has been changed during uploading, it is added to the reference linkage item and saved in the database.To edit the added value, download it again, edit it, and upload it.Also, no input check on the value after the addition is made.
  • In the list update, the screen is reloaded when the reference destination is changed, and the added value is displayed.There is no input check on the value after the addition.
  • In the update process on the list update screen, the first change is added.However, when reverting to the original value, the reference linkage will not be appended and will return to its original value.