The referring source trace is a function to jump directly (screen transition) to the detailed screen of the referenced model. Please read "Reference source (to reference destination) trace".

An example

For the item that is referring to the model, you can display "reference source trace link" as shown in Fig. 1.This is a link to jump to the detail screen of the referenced model.

Refer to Figure 1 Source trace link

Figure 2 shows an example of moving from the "product" of the estimate model to the product model referenced.You can use "bread crumb" to return to the original screen.

Figure 2 Breadcrumb information after screen movement
"Bread crumb" means information that keeps the movement history of the screen.(Red frame portion in FIG. 2)

Definition method

Opens the type detail setting dialog of model item in the item definition with "reference item of other model" set.Activate the option "Display reference source trace link".(This setting is enabled by default.)

Refer to Figure 3 Setting up the former trace link display

When this setting is canceled, the referring source trace link is hidden.

The referring source trace link takes into consideration the authority management information.Links to models without authorization are automatically hidden.

It is not possible to prepare a reference source trace link to account information (juser model) that Wagby has as standard.This is restricted from a security point of view.

Link to reference linking item is also supported.

Specifically, a link is prepared for item x1 in the relationship that "item x1 refers to item y1 of model Y" and "y1 refers to model Z with reference linked".

  • On the registration/update confirmation screen, the referring source trace link is invalid.(If you follow the referring source trace link on the confirmation screen, the input content will be discarded.)R7.12