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The reference trace is a function to check "what (reference source) data is being referenced" on the screen. Please read "References (to the referrer) trace".

An example

Prepare an "estimate" model referring to the "product" model.When this function is enabled, the display field (reference destination trace link) of the estimate model referring to you is prepared on the detail screen of the product model.(Figure 1)

Figure 1 Reference trace link

Clicking on the "[+]" part of Figure 1 will expand it in the list display format.(Figure 2)

Refer to Figure 2 Contents of the trace link

By pressing the "details" button in Figure 2, you can switch to the quote referring to this product model.(Figure 3)

Figure 3 Quotation referencing this data

Definition method

Opens the type detail setting dialog of model item in the item definition with "reference item of other model" set.Activate the option "Display reference target trace link".(This setting is disabled by default.)

Figure 4 Reference trace link display setting
  • The contents of the list display related to the reference source model conform to the list display setting of that model.However, the reference key item is not displayed (because it becomes redundant).
  • If the referring source model does not exist (0 case), it will not be displayed even if you click on the link.
  • Foreign key When used in conjunction with the child model list display, the display order is (1) Foreign key child model (2) Reference source model.
  • When multiple items refer to the same model, it is not possible to set "Display reference target trace link" for each item.Always set the reference destination trace link for one model to one.(*1)
1 In the above example, when there are items "item 1" and "item 2" in the "estimate" model, and referring to the same "item" model respectively, the reference destination trace link setting is "product 1" or " Product 2 "as one of them.