The menu settings are aggregated in repository/trunk/.menu folder. R7.7

Repository keys for menus are as follows.

Repository keyvalueDescriptionfolder
action/@menuNameXXXTab nameTab where this menu is
action/@menucolorXXXColor informationColor of this
action/@menurefXXXโ—‹To use this menu, set "O".menu
action/@menuorderXXXNumerical valueThe order of this menu.Automatic setting.They are arranged from the upper left in ascending order of numerical values..menuorder

.menu folder

For each model, a repository key action/@menuNameXXX, action/@menucolorXXX, @action/@menurefXXX folder is stored.

If you make changes to the menu placement within the tab, menu title, and color, the above file for that model will be changed.

.menu/.menuorder folder

For each model, a folder containing action/@menuorderXXX information is prepared.

If you change the list of menus in the tab, the model and all other affected model files will be changed.

WagbyDesigner allows you to change the order of menus by dragging and dropping.At this time, internally, numbers are reassigned sequentially from the upper left side.(Renumbering process) Therefore, the menuorder values โ€‹โ€‹of other models may be overwritten.


Contains information on the management process menu and the tabs contained in the common process menu.

If the developer changes the order of the menu, other models may be changed.Specifically, the value of action/@menuorderXXX is rewritten.This is because WagbyDesigner reassigns numbers (renumbering process).

The effect of this change is limited only to files under .menu/.menuorder folder.Therefore, in team development it is better to specify handling policy only for files below this folder. For example, there are rules such as "When this file changes, other developers must always merge" rule or "Menu order is determined at a certain timing, not in normal development" rule.