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All operations of WagbyDesigner are managed in "Repository". The substance of the repository is a text file.

The repository file is stored in the repository folder directly under the installation folder.

Figure 1 Relationship between WagbyDesigner and repository folder

The repository currently used is repository/trunk.

Figure 2 trunk and branches

The structure inside the trunk folder has the following structure.

Figure 3 Hierarchical structure of repository folder

Information on menus is aggregated in the trunk/.menu folder.

Handling of line feed code 7.12

R7.12 or later

The line feed code of the repository file is consistent with CRLF.

Before R7.12

The line feed code of the repository file depends on the OS of the development machine.For Windows OS it will be CRLF.

(1) Details of model items
In Designer I will tell you a hint that the display order of model items is not intended.
(2) Menu
The menu settings are aggregated in repository/trunk/.menu folder.
(3) Repository list

Please read "Tutorials - Team Development".