In the application of style designation, we explain how to control line breaks of displayed values.

Examples of "company name" is long are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig.In the case of Japanese characters as shown in Fig. 1, the Web browser carries out line breaks appropriately.

Figure 1 Long company name (Japanese)

However, if it consists of alphanumeric time, the horizontal scroll bar will be displayed instead of a line feed.

Figure 2 Long company name (English)

This is Wagby's standard, in case of alphanumeric charactersRecognize spaces as delimiters of newlinesIt is because it is supposed to be like. If there is no space as shown in Figure 2, we can not find an appropriate line break.

Adjust the line feed position by specifying the output style.

Open the detailed definition of the "Company Name" item.Specify "output control> detail screen> style" as follows.


Detail screen

Figure 3 Style setting of detail screen

List screen

Figure 4 Style setting of list screen

After setting in Figure 3 and Figure 4, both the detail screen and the list screen will be broken.

Figure 5 Example of line break on detail screen
Figure 6 Line feed example on list screen

By default, the style sheets Wagby offers are as follows.

R 7.5.1 or later

browser style
IE,Firefox,Safariword-break: normal;
word-wrap: break-word;
Chromeword-break: break-word;
word-wrap: break-word;

R 7.0.0 - R 7.5.0

browser style
(Common)word-break: normal;
word-wrap: break-word;

Please rewrite the stylesheets introduced above, in the case that the returning does not work well with the standard setting.

The style of the detail screen is presentation/displayitem/@style.

The style of the list screen is presentation/displayitem/@styleForShowList.