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Labels can be hidden.

Figures 1 and 2 show examples in which labels of the "name" item of the customer model are not displayed.

Figure 1 New registration screen
Figure 2 Details screen

Activate the "Do not display labels" setting of "Style" prepared on "Output control - Detailed screen" tab of model item detail definition.

Figure 3 Do not display labels
This setting is reflected in the detail display screen, registration screen, update screen.

Since the help button is displayed by default on the date, time, and postal code type items, labels are displayed even if this setting "Do not display labels" is enabled.

In order to hide labels with items using these types, you need to enable this setting "Do not display labels" and also select "Register screen" "Update screen" "Search screen" " Please clear the setting "Display date, time, postal code type> help button" prepared for each detail screen ".

The repository key of the registration/update/details display screen is presentation/displayitem/@displaylabel.