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You can specify "portrait" or "landscape" for label and value display.

Figure 1 shows an example in which the label and value display method of the "Remarks" item of the customer model is set to "portrait".

Figure 1 New registration screen

Set "Label and value display method" of "Style" prepared on "Output control - Detailed screen" tab of model item detail definition.

Figure 2 Setting label and value display method

Bulk setting of itemsYou can check the whole thoroughly by using.

Fig. 3 Mass setting
This setting is reflected in the detail display screen, registration screen, update screen.

Figures 4 and 5 show examples in which all items are set to "vertical".

Figure 4 Registration screen
Figure 5 Details screen

The repository key of the registration/update/details display screen is presentation/displayitem/@labelalign.