You can set the height of the label.

Figure 1 shows an example of setting the label height of the "name" item of the customer model to 50 px.

Figure 1 New registration screen

Specify the numerical value and unit in "Label Height" of "Style" prepared in the "Output Control - Detailed Screen" tab of Model Item Detail Definition.

You can omit the unit after the number.Default is interpreted as "px" (pixel).
Figure 2 Setting the height of the label
This setting is reflected in the detail display screen, registration screen, update screen.

When used in combination with "height of value", in the normal layout, it can be adjusted to whichever is larger.

Figure 3 Setting the height of both labels and values ​​(1)
Figure 4 Setting the height of both labels and values ​​(2)

In repeating containers, the height of the label and the height of the value are reflected respectively.(In the case of a repeating container, if you set it to one item, other columns are automatically adjusted.)

Figure 5 When set as a repeating container

The repository key of the registration/update/detail display screen is presentation/displayitem/@labelheight.