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The display of the URL type item is a character string beginning with http: // ... as standard. I will explain how to set this part freely.

Next to the address information I will prepare the word "Search by map" (actually a link to Google Maps). Introduction We will confirm the address from the zip code.(Figure 1)

Fig. 1 Obtain an address from a zip code

The word "Search by map" is displayed next to the address entry field.(Figure 2) This is actually a link.

Figure 2 Entering address string

By placing the mouse cursor over the word "Search by map", you can see that it is the next link.東京都中央区日本橋

Click on the mouse to open Google Maps.

Figure 3 Link to Google Maps

Prepare three items related to address and URL.(Fig. 4) The "see the map" item is a character string type URL.(FIG. 5)

Item name (Japanese) Item name (English) Item type Hidden (input) Hidden (output)
Street address address String
Look at the map map String - URL
Display character string to see the map mapdisp String
Figure 4 Item definition
Figure 5 "View map" item is URL

Details of the "see the map" item

Calculate this item by calculation formula.If the address item is not empty, prepare a link to Google Maps.Add address string to parameter (q).If the address item is not input (empty), leave it blank.


Since it is not necessary to save it in the database, uncheck "Save database setting> value in database".

In the "URL details" setting field, specify "mapdisp" as the item name to use for link display.(The point is that you are setting hidden settings for this item.)

Fig. 6 Detailed setting of "View map" item

In order to display side by side with "address" item, set not to display label.

Figure 7 Do not display labels

Screen identifier (target attribute) when opening on a separate screen

It is reflected in the target attribute of the generated HTML anchor element.When it is blank, the value "_blank" is set, so clicking will provide a new tab in the browser.In the example above, Google Map will be displayed on the new tab.

[Tips] If you write "false" here, the target attribute itself is not output.Therefore, clicking (that screen) will rewrite to the link destination.

Details of "Map display character string"

The value of this item is used as the anchor part of "see the map" above.("URL details" setting in FIG. 6)

IF(NOT(ISBLANK(${address})), "地図で探す", "")

Since it is not necessary to save it in the database, uncheck "Save database setting> value in database".

Fig. 8 Detailed setting of "Display character string to see map"

This item is hidden in both input and output.(FIG. 9, FIG. 10)

Figure 9 Setting of hidden items (input control)
Fig. 10 Hidden item setting (output control)


Finally we will define the layout.Company related items are hidden in panel * P1, further link strings to address and map are hidden panel * P2.

Figure 11 Defining the layout name

* P1> * P2 is specified as a side by side, without specifying the group display method.Since "label viewing" items are also hidden in the label portion, they will be arranged side by side.

Figure 12 Specifying the alignment direction