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We will introduce various application examples.

(1) Manage versions
You can grasp the number of updates by letting the numerical type item hold "version" information.
(2) Optionally set URL anchor
The display of the URL type item is a character string beginning with http: // ... as standard. I will explain how to set this part freely.
(3) File sharing using URL
You can also share files using URL type instead of file type. This way you can access the file of the file server.
(4) Prepare a link to a specific part of your screen using the URL
Clicking the link will move to a specific location (on your screen). Effective on screens with many items.
(5) Mail thread display using mail header
We will show you how to deal with thread display of e-mail software by specifying Message-ID and In-Reply-To which are header information of e-mail.
(6) Open Wagby's arbitrary screen directly from the external system
By including the account and password in the URL, you can open the screen on Wagby directly from the external system.