You can display the relation (related chart) between models. R7.3

When displaying the information of an arbitrary model, when opening the "Related Diagram" tab, a related diagram centered on that model is displayed.

Fig. 1 Open relation chart tab in estimate model

The model is located at the center of the figure.What is placed on top of it is the model you see yourself.

Figure 2 Model referenced by myself

In addition, at the bottom of the figure, the model that refers to itself is shown.

Figure 3 Model referencing itself

Select another model

In Figure 2, double-click on another model, the model will be centered this time.

Figure 4 Double-click on the sale product model

Models related to the top and bottom are placed around the selected model.

Figure 5 Selected model is relocated to the center

First model displayed

When you select the "Related Diagram" tab in the model list, first select the model that holds the relation by scanning from the top.

Figure 6 Selection of related diagram tab in model list

Foreign key relationships are indicated by straight lines.(In Figure 7, the company model and the office model are in a foreign key relationship.)

Figure 7 The first selected model is displayed

Excluded models

Models (such as juser) included in the System tab are excluded from display.

There is no figure that can see the whole picture

This function can not display all models at once.We are restricting related charts centered on certain models.This prevents the problem that the drawing drawn becomes difficult to see by this.