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WagbyDesigner has a repository backup and restore function. It can also be downloaded as a file and provided to other developers.

You can back up and restore the repository from the "Repository" tab in the "Operation" menu.

Figure 1 Repository Tab of Operation Menu

Select an arbitrary repository from the backup list and press the "Restore" button to return (restore) to the repository at that time.

Figure 2 Restoring the repository at any point

Load old version repository

You can directly read the zip format repository file backed up with the old version.The migration process is applied when loading.

Build after repository load

After loading the new repository please do "Full Build".
Figure 3 Dialog displayed when restoring the repository

You can make a backup of the current repository.If you leave notes, it will be easier to find when restoring.

Figure 3 Manual backup of the repository

On the build screen, "Backup at build time" is enabled as standard.Leaving a memo makes it easier to find from the list of the saved repositories.

If this check is removed, automatic repository backup will not be performed.

Figure 4 Automatic backup of repository

If you select an arbitrary repository from the backup list and click on the "download" button, you can download the complete repository file as zip compressed file.

Figure 5 Download

The download file is a zip compression format in which date and time information is given after the prefix "wb_".

Figure 6 Downloaded file

By uploading the zip compressed repository file, you can import it into WagbyDesigner. Click the "Select file" button to specify the repository file (zip compression format beginning with "wb_").

Figure 7 File selection and upload

After selecting the file, it is stored in the backup list by pressing the "Upload" button.

Figure 8 Upload

I will explain the procedure of loading (reading) the repository designed by another developer on my development PC.

  1. Open "File Selection" button from the "Upload" column of the operation menu.Since the file dialog is displayed, specify the repository file to be read (usually a zip format file beginning with "wrb_").
    Figure 9 File Selection
  2. After selecting the file, press the "Upload" button.
    Figure 10 Upload
  3. A message will be displayed asking if you wish to restore immediately after uploading.Here, we will explain the case of selecting to restore.
    Figure 11 Dialog to confirm immediately whether to restore
  4. Restore processing in progress.
    Figure 12 Restore processing in progress
  5. When the restoration is completed, the model is displayed.When you do a full build, the application is generated.
    Figure 13 Restore complete
  6. After checking the operation tab, you can see that the restored repository is included in the "backup list".
    Figure 14 Checking the backup list
With this restore process, the old repository will be deleted.If there is a project under development, before restoringPlease get a backup of the current repository.

Restore fails.

An error message is recorded in the Tomcat console running WagbyDesigner or logs/catalina.out.Please confirm this content.In addition, please confirm the following points.

  • Is the initial repository file included in the repository/branches folder?We will refer to this file when restoring.
  • Are you using the old repository file included in the repository/branches folder?This fileThe content differs depending on the version of Wagby installed.Be sure to use the files included during installation.
  • Are unlimited development licenses and project licenses mixed?If they are mixed, restore can not be performed.
  • When using unrestricted development license, you need to use the repository file converted at the time of purchase.Please contact the reseller for details.

The backup file at build time can not be referenced from Designer.

Anti-virus software may be the cause.Please do file exclusion setting.

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