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You can include descriptions about project model model items in the repository. It can be used as a development record. It does not affect the developed application. R7.6

Open "Environment> Project".You can write sentences freely in the project description field.

Figure 1 Project Description

Open "Model> Other> Model Information"."Overview" and "Explanation" are prepared.Please use around 10 characters as a guide for the overview.

Figure 2 Model description

In the model list, you can check the outline (sentences).

Figure 3 Outline appears in model list

Open "Other" on the model item setting dialog.It can be described in "Model item description".

Figure 4 Explanation of model items

On the model item list screen, if you mouse over the "detail" button of the corresponding model item, explanatory text will be displayed in tool tip format.

Figure 5 Explanatory text is displayed in tooltip