1. Click this link to download j_estimate.zip.
  2. Rename download j_estimate.zip to j_estimate.jar.
  3. Save this j_estimate.jar in the wagbydesigner/webapps/wagbydesigner/WEB-INF/lib/folder.

Here, we will explain how to use in Windows OS.Please use the console when operating on Linux/Mac OS X.

Enter "cmd" in the "Start menu> Search program and file" column and execute it.(FIGS. 1 and 2)

Figure 1 Start menu
Fig. 2 Execute "cmd"

A command prompt is displayed, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Command Prompt
You can also execute "command prompt" directly without going through the start menu.

When the command prompt starts, move the current folder with the cd command.The destination is Wagby installation folder \ wagbydesigner \ bin.(Please read the installation folder properly.)

Fig. 4 Changing the current folder

Execute the command as follows.

java -jar Estimate.jar
Figure 5 Command execution

An estimate (estimate.html) will be created.Please open this file using a web browser.

Fig. 6 Execution result (estimate.html)

Several options can be specified at run time.

使い方: java -jar Estimate.jar [オプション]

Here is the option list.

-pSpecify the price per item.The default is 10,000 yen.
-cSpecify the complexity factor of the application.The default is 1.0.
-oSpecify the complexity factor of the organization.The default is 1.0.
-taxSpecify the tax rate.The default is 1.08.
-fSpecify the output file name.The default is estimate.html.
-eSpecify the character encoding of the output file.When omitted, it is utf - 8.
-helpOutput a help message.