The model name filter function makes it easier to find a model that corresponds to a large number of models. R7.8

A column called "filter" is prepared in the upper right corner of the model list display screen.

Fig. 1 Filter input field

Filter by model ID

You can filter by model ID.Figure 2 is an example of typing "cu".Only those whose model ID contains "cu" are displayed.

Figure 2 Examples narrowed down by model ID

Filter by model name

You can narrow down by model name.Figure 3 is an example of typing "Book".Only those that contain "written" in the model name are displayed.

Figure 3 Example narrowed down by model name


  • Either model ID/model name can be entered in the filter column.
  • The one containing the input character is selected.(It becomes partial match search.)


When restoring to switch to a different project, please erase the characters previously input to the filter in advance.If restoring with characters remaining, the display of the model list may be distorted.(By erasing filter characters, disturbance is eliminated.)